preview and title of an engage interaction in PPT


I've started using Articulate 13 after having been a user of 09.

Here are two questions on Engage.

1) As I click on Edit on the placeholder of an engage interaction in my ppt document, it opens properly. As I click on "save and go back to presenter", it closes but then the placeholder is totally different (no more buttons available, no interaction title...).

The same problem occurs when I click on Preview of the slide in ppt (articulate menu).

2) The placeholder of an engage interaction mentions a title and this is really useful to understand "what's" in the interaction. However I would like to understand which title is on the placeholder: that in "player" ?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Muriel, 

I can't recreate the behavior you've described in number 1 here, and I know you mentioned another issue here in Presenter 13, so it may be helpful to repair Studio 13 for both of these and ensure that all these files are local. 

For the second part of your question, the Engage title is drawn from what you set as the "Interaction Title" within Engage.