Jul 26, 2011

I'd like to print text of Engage interactions that I created.  If I try to print the handouts from Powerpoint, the embedded Engage slides come up empty.  I cannot Ctrl + P and there is no print option in Engage's menu.  Is there a way for me to print the text without having to copy + paste every individual slide into a word document? Thanks.

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Ferd Burfle

Jeanette Brooks said:

Hello Robert - In Engage, there is a Publish to Word option that should give you what you're looking for. When you open the output in Word, you can then modify or customize the content if you like.

Jeanette, the only problem with this method is if I want to print a copy of each slide (say like Adobe Captivate allows) I DO have to copy and paste every screen.  For instance, the Media Tour, Tabs and Timeline slides fail to display all images when using Publish to Word.  Sometimes users will ask for "non-interactive" copies of all the slides of a Presentation.

Is there any kind of easy work-around for this?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Fred,

Yeah, that's true, if your course contains any Engage interactions or Quizmaker quizzes, only the placeholder slide will show up in your output when you publish from Articulate Presenter to Word.

However, here's something you can do that will take a lot less time than doing a bunch of screen captures:  you can launch Engage or Quizmaker separately, open the interaction or quiz that you inserted in your course, and publish to Word from there. This will give you a Word file of just that interaction or quiz. Then if necessary you could copy/paste/reformat that content to go into the Word document you created when you published from Presenter to Word.

Here's a bit more about publishing to Word:

Publishing to Word from Engage

Publishing to Word from Quizmaker

Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Susan! If you're not seeing a Publish option on your Quizmaker menu, it's likely because you opened the quiz from within your Presenter project, in which case the publish button won't be there - instead, you'll see a button that says "Save & Return to Presenter."  Go ahead and click that so that Quizmaker. Then, launch Quizmaker on its own (from your Windows Start button) and open your quiz. Then the Publish button should be there for you.

Susan Crawford

Thanks Jeanette. Is there a "how to" document or something I can review to better understand the processes? It can be a bit confusing as a new user.

Also, I am finding when I save documents they end up all over the place and I can't keep track of updated versions. Any suggestions?

While I have you Articulate compatible with Mac?

Thanks for your help!!

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Susan! Sure, we have lots of step-by-step tutorials... what specific process are you looking to learn about? The tutorial on publishing from Quizmaker to Word is here, but we have lots more Articulate Product tutorials which you can find here (click the little plus signs in the sidebar on the right side of that page to browse through specific topics) ...and if there's something in particular you're looking for, let me know and I can point you in the right direction.

Regarding organizing your files, here's one way you could approach your file structure. Tom Kuhlmann also did a blog post on that and you can take a look at his tips here.

And about your Mac question... right now, in order to author a course with the Articulate products, you need to run the software within Windows. (But learners who view your published content can still view it on a Mac - all they need is the Flash player and a browser). A lot of community members who are Mac users run their Articulate software within Parallels or a similar environment. If you'd like to see a Mac version in the future, we welcome you to add your voice via our feature request form. Our development team uses feature requests from the community as a way of deciding how to enhance our tools in future versions. Thanks!

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