Published engage is not playing


I am facing some problem with engage.

In our LMS course i create engages with Articulate Engage and embed these engages to ppt. But these engage take time to load on LMS. I wants to reduce load time.

Now i am trying to do the following task to reduce load time on LMS:

1.       Publishing the engage file.

2.       Importing the swf engage file on blank slide in the ppt.

3.       After publishing the course, putting the engage’s content folder in the swf>data folder in the published course.

 It’s not working correctly.

·         Engage slide is playing for 5 sec. only.

·         Seek bar is playing independently.

·         Play/Pause button is not working.

Please suggest how to fix these problems.


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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Vijay!

Inserting the Engage interactions outside of the supported method is not going to help with load time. If you'd like to send us your files so that we can have a closer look, we may be able to pinpoint a specific reason for why you're experiencing issues. You can do that here:

Be sure to mention the url to this thread when submitting your case, along with all other pertinent details. Thanks!