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I am still having problems publishing my engage interaction. I have watched all sort of videos. I do not have access to a website. I went ahead and created a file in Google drive as suggested in one of the videos. I uploaded all the Engage files that were produced when I published the presentation. I am not sure which file I am supposed to change the extension to "engage".html.

I have watched this presentation by Mike, and I am still unable to upload and share the presentation:

Which of these files should I change the extension to "engage.html"?

Thanks for any tips.

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Denice Curtis

​Hi Leslie,
I have read several articles, watched over 10 videos and still don't know
how to publish Engage so that someone who does not have this program can
watch it over the internet.
The document that you sent me does not help. I need to know how to publish
this Engage content into a Google Drive. In one of the videos I watched it
stated I need to change the engage.html to index.html. I cannot find an
"engage.html" extension in the documents that I get after I publish the
I know Mark Taylor helped me once to publish a power point presentation.
Would he be able to help me with this task?

Denice Curtis

I changed the interaction.html to index.html and still does not work.
After looking at the files in the engage document I have several
interaction unsupported.html

Do I have to change the extension for these 3 interactions?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Denice! It should be the interaction.html file. There is some more information in this blog post. There are many users that seem to use this method for publishing, so hopefully someone would be able to chime in to assist you. Are you getting some kind of error, or what do you mean when you say that it does not work?