Publishing Engage interactions inside of Powerpoint

I built a course in PowerPoint 2010 and inserted an Engage interaction in a slide.  I need help with two problems.

1. How can I give others within our company access to the course and still have the Engage interactions play?  Currently they do not play for others when I send a link to the course.

2. Will employees who have Office 2003 on their computers be able to see the Engage interactions if I save the file as a 2003 version?  The Engage interactions work in PowerPoint 2003 on my computer, but I am not having success giving others a link to the course.

fyi  I have published the Engage interactions as web flash files and put the Engage folders in the same folder as the Powerpoint and inserted the swf files by linking to that file placement in a company shared drive..  I do not have Articulate Presenter software.

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Brian Batt

Hi Linda,

I don't think that PowerPoint is setup to handle the dependencies that Engage has.  One option would be to publish your Engage interaction online & then use the LiveWeb tool to add the Engage interaction to your presentation:

If you don't have a web server, you can upload your Engage interactions to Dropbox:

You can signup for Dropbox here: