Publishing slides w/ audio and video in Engage or Presenter

Just purchased Studio 13.  Viewed the tutorials.

Not really savvy with technical  language. 

I'll describe what I want to do.  Please tell me how and where to publish the program.   

I want to have the published courses on a flash stick so I can transport it to different locations where a laptop and LCD projector are set up for me to use when teaching.  

If I create a slide program with audio and video should I do it in Engage or Presenter for ease of publishing it to a flash stick.  To publish to a flash stick am I publishing to CD?  If so, what steps should I follow to get it to work on a flash stick?  Must I publish to a local drive first, create a shortcut copy and then copy the shortcut to the flash stick?

I also want to email the course to certain students.  How do I do this?   They do not need to be tracked or graded for these courses sent in email.

Thank you for your help.

Barbara Ann

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Barbara,

If you're looking to play the course locally, you'll want to publish for CD and when you do so, there will be a number of files created and you'll want all those files included on the flash drive. When you start your publish, you'll first choose a local location to publish it to, and then place those published files on the usb drive. 

In regards to emailing the information, when you publish you'll see that Email is an option and this opens up a new email message with a zipped file of your published output attached. Depending on your course, it may be a large file to email - so you'll want to check into if your email system has file size limits. 

It's up to you if you'd like to use Engage or Presenter - they both have different features, and they'll both publish to cd so it'll depend on the level or type of interactivity you'd like to include.