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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Tanya! You're right, there isn't currently a feature in Engage '09 which allows you to choose a custom color value for the pyramid layer colors. That would make a great feature request

What some people do as a workaround is modify the published output manually, replacing the default hex color values with the ones they prefer. This isn't officially supported by Articulate, but if you are comfortable modifying xml files, you might consider giving it a try (just be sure to make a backup of your published output first). Here's a screencast that gives the basic idea...for a pyramid diagram you'd want to open up the data.xml file and look for the sections called "color name" and then replace the hex color values (the part after the "0x")  for "value a" and "value b". "Value a" is the color of the pyramid segment itself, and "Value b" is the color of the arrow.

The down side of this approach is that you'd have to make the changes all over again if you republish, since the republished files replace the previous ones.