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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Simon,

You can change the width and heigh of the media you insert which you'll see at the bottom of the media panel section. There isn't a way to have them open full screen or outside the confines of the Engage interaction. Perhaps instead of using the built in type from Engage you'd want to look at building this in a tool such as Storyline? Since you've got Articulate 360 you have access to all the tools, and this would allow you to have the items when clicked in that bottom panel display on a layer or similar - that way you could easily resize the item to be more in line with what you'd like to see as the overall size. 

I did try to test out your interaction and although the course opened I couldn't click on any of the images. They didn't expand or play at all for me, so it may be something in the interaction too - are you able to share the .intr file here with us?

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