Recommended Video Export Settings for Highest Quality?

Hi! I'm loving most of the new features of Articulate 13 and Storyline but the quality of the video has been incredibly disappointing across the board. I've done everything I've seen suggested in forums and help files, and published at the highest possible settings and the video is still pixelated and blurry - not nearly as crisp as in Articulate 09.

Everywhere I read, it's recommended that we insert "high quality" videos into the interactions but nowhere is it specified what "high quality" means? What's the optimal size? The optimal data rate? The optimal codec? 

When I used Art 09, I exported videos at 720 x 405, using h264 mp4 with a data rate somewhere between 1500-2000. and they would always look just as crisp in the published files as they did when I looked at the individual mp4 files.

What should I be using for Art 13? 

(I just did a test with a 1280 x 720 h264 mp4 with a data rate of 3500 and it was STILL pixelated on the published version. Our clients have come to expect a certain quality and so far Studio 13 is not delivering.)

Compare the same video (exported at 1280x720 with a data rate of over 2500) pubbed through Art 09 (on the left, at standard, not even high custom settings)) and Art 13 (on the right, at the highest possible publishing settings). Is this issue going to be addressed soon?

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