Resetting Interactions

Hey there:

So here's today's stupid question that I'm currently struggling with. How do I reset, say, a Tab interaction? That is, if a user gets to a Tab interaction, only views a couple steps, moves on, then decides to return to it, how do I reset it so the user doesn't find himself in the middle of the interaction? I want the user to start at the Introduction (or first) tab every time he revisits it as opposed to finding himself in the middle of it.



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John Luttrell

I know this is an old thread, but I'm having an issue in Storyline 360 when importing Engage 360 interactions where they will not reset to initial state and thought I'd see if any in this thread has an update on this issue. I could certainly recreate all the Engage interactions in Storyline, but it should work, right?

I have the slide that contains the Engage interaction set to 'Reset to initial state' in the Slide Properties, but it just won't reset.

If I close the browser (IE10) and start the course, it doesn't reset to initial state.

If I click the refresh slide button, same thing.

I changed the Player Resume setting to Never resume.

The only thing that works is clearing Temporary Internet Files in the browser.

Is there a variable that I can trigger to force the imported Engage interaction to reset to initial state?


John Luttrell

I was able to get this to work, finally. The key is to set the Engage Player Resume setting to Never resume. Then, when imported into Storyline and the slide is set to Reset to initial state, it works!

Hope that helps anyone having this issue with importing Engage interactions into Storyline.