Resize browser when publishing standalone interaction to web

Hi, I'm trying to figure how to resize the browser so the published interaction (in my case, a standalone glossary), does not have all the browser white space around it.

A classic example of how this is done is on the Engage Examples page.

When you click on View Sample button on any of these engage demos,  the published interaction demo  launches in a separate browser window and shows only the published interaction in the browser versus a full browser window with the published interaction. This allows the user to have the published interaction up while also having the former window open.

I'm hoping someone can guide me in how to create this same kind of published output.

Please advise.


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claire harter

Hi Leslie,
I published the .INTR file as standalone file to be published on the Web. The final web page where it resides is on a company intranet that uses SharePoint 2010 platform. I have no issues with it launching from the web page. My issue is that when it launches, the glossary opens in a full-screen browser window. I would like for the browser window to launch the glossary scaled to the glossary size only instead of full screen.

Attached is the .INTR file for your review.

Thank you,