Restricted Course using Engage Interactions, Seekbar Time too long

I am creating a required Harassment course, which means that unfortunately, I have to set up the navigation to be "Restricted - can only view current and prev slides."  I know, it's a bummer.  Anyway, I'm using some Engage interactions, like the Pyramid Diagram Interaction and the Circle Diagram Interaction.  The reason I chose these particular interactions is to try to give a little flexibility in what the user clicks on first.  In other words, I want them to be able to click any part of the pyramid or the circle, and in the order they choose.  However, it seems that because my course is restricted, if they don't choose them in a particular order, you have to sit and wait for the seekbar to get to the end before you can advance to the next slide.  The seekbar will jump to different locations within, depending on the order you click the items.  (Hope this is making sense.)  Anyway, is there a way around this, so the user doesn't have to sit and wait for the seekbar to finish?  Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!  THANKS a bunch!!

I would like to add that within the Engage interaction, I have the Playback Mode set to "Interactive - user can advance in any order."  Do I have to use the "Linear...." option since I'm restricting the navigation on the whole course?

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Brian Batt

Hi Rita,

Since you're using a restricted navigation, I believe the easiest workaround is to add the interaction as a web object:

This will allow your end-users freedom in selecting different parts of the interaction without worrying about it advancing properly.