Setting a custom size for media in an engage interaction

I am using the "glossary" engage interaction to create a glossary of American Sign Language Signs along with their English translation.  In order to create the best viewing opportunity for my students, I am having to custom size each video clip to the 369X245 maximum size.  The number of windows and fill ins I have to do for this is becoming extremely tedious.  Is there any way to set a custom media size as a default in an interaction for ALL the video I drop in?

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Minh-Triet Nguyen

Sort of a work around but maybe you could fix them post-publishing?  If all your original videos are sized the same, then you could insert them as usual in Engage, then after publishing, open the engage_content/data.xml file in a text editor and Find/Replace All instances of the default height and width to your new dimensions.

Of course if your original videos are of difference sizes to start with, Find/Replace doesn't do a lot for you.

Allie Marino

Rebecca,  I did give my Sorenson Squeeze a try.  It batches like a charm but the actual constraint is inside of Articulate not the actual video size.  No matter how you save it elsewhere, the media player has a "set play size".  Hopefully that makes sense.  The only way to change it is probably the coding workaround offered by Minh-Triet.  I am trying that one next if I can figure it out! 

Allie Marino

Minh-Triet- I think you are on to the correct solution.  The only thing is that I'm a little uncomfortable with the coding part of this and not confident about how to find each instance and change.  I am also not certain about the widow the code is opening in.  It does not seem like I can edit it (on my first try).  I may even be in the wrong file.  I'll keep playing a bit with this later, but yours does seem like the most plausible solution.  My discomfort with actually doing it is likely to save me very little time though!!  hehe!  thanks again!

Minh-Triet Nguyen

I usually open the data.xml file in Windows Notepad just to keep it simple. You could always make a copy of the file first, in case you put in a type on the one you're working on.  When you skim through the XML file you'll find rows that look like this:

<image width="320" height="180" zoomheight="180" playbar="true" autoplay="false" zoomwidth="320" zoommode="Embedded" allowzoom="false" align="top" duration="62062" framerate="30" name="video0.flv" zoomimage="" />

And all you'd want to do is find the text in bold and Replace all with the same text, but with your dimensions.

Good luck!