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Aug 02, 2014

Is there a way to share an Engage Color Theme with co-workers?

Microsoft Color Themes can be found at C:User\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Document Themes\Theme Colors, then copied and pasted to another PC.

I have created color themes in both Engage '13 and Quizmaker '13. They do not show up in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Articulate\Templates\Themes\Theme Colors.

Would anyone know where else they may be found?

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Ke.

To share Theme Colors with another computer, you will need to copy an .xml file from the following folder on your computer, to the same folder on another computer:


In order to locate which .xml file you need to copy, you can use one of two methods:

  1. Look for the .xml file that corresponds to the date when you saved your Theme Colors.
  2. Open the .xml file in a text editor and check the text labeled ThemeColors name="" for the Theme Colors you are looking for.

Good luck with your project!

jennifer dewar

Another question about color themes. I've developed a number of decks with the same Engage Color Theme. We need to make a global change to the content color. When I update and save the color theme the current slide looks correct, but none of the other slides in the deck seemed to have picked up the change.

Only solution I found was to manually go into each slide, change the color theme back to the default, Save and Return to Presenter, repoen the slide in Engage and then reselect my updated color theme. Is there any way to say "apply to all" after you make a change to the color theme or perhaps clear a cache that is holding the old color theme? This approach is very cumbersome.

thanks, Jennifer

jennifer dewar

Yes, I followed that approach to create a custom color theme. I applied it
to a number of slides, but then needed to update it to change the content
color. It applied the update to the current engage interaction, but it did
not update the colors in any of the other engage interactions using that
same color theme in that PPT deck.

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