Sidebar Menu for Pyramid Displays "Top Layer" "Layer One" etc.

I created a pyramid interaction with two layers and set it up to show in the menu at multiple items.  Each layer segment has a title, and from what I've read about the pyramid interaction, you cannot change the titles of the layers but they will not appear in the published version.  However, when I publish, it displays 'Top Layer' and then has the segment names listed below, same goes for 'Layer One'.  I just cannot figure out how to change this, when I access the player options, it only shows in the menu there as one item.  Any idea on why it's doing this or how I can fix it?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jeetpal -- Thanks for your patience! May I ask if you were removing the text as circled in yellow below when you clicked into each section?

By doing so, I was able to remove all of the extraneous text, and when I tested the published output in the SCORM Cloud to see if the changes held, they did as you can see here.  Please let me know if that helps address things on your end or if you are still having difficulties!  

Jeetpal Dhaliwal

I think you may have misunderstood my issue, my apologies, allow me to clarify.

The issue is in the sidebar menu.  I need it to have titles as in the one that you've highlighted.  I need it to not have items in the menu that say "top layer" etc.  I have attached a screenshot with the menu items that shouldn't be there highlighted.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeetpal!

Thank you for sharing the image, that certainly makes it easier to understand.

When Engage is published as a standalone version, there is no menu as the activity is interactive.

When you add it to Presenter, the menu comes with it as viewing and navigating via a menu is allowed in Presenter.

To prevent seeing this behavior, I would recommend to edit the Interaction properties from within Presenter and only allow a single menu item instead of the individual pieces.

Hope this helps.

Jeetpal Dhaliwal

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for your response.  I wanted to set the menu so that it appears as multiple items but I suppose I will have to keep it as a single.  Perhaps we can change the tutorial for Pyramid interactions as it is very misleading.  It specifically states that "Layers can't be renamed. Layer titles don't appear in the published output."  This leads the user to believe the interaction can be published as multiple items without the layer titles displaying which isn't the case at all.

Link to tutorial: