Spacing between sentences in a paragraph


I have an issue with Time line interaction. When I publish or preview the content in the time engage interaction there are extra spaces between sentences though the source is fine. I tried all tips and tricks I have learned during my experience like:

1. Restart the system

2. Remove temp files

3 Remove Internet Temp files

4. Recreating the entire interaction again from a different location.

5. Copied the text in notepad and copied from there to interaction.

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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Venkat,

Thanks for the screenshot!

What font are you using for the text? If you're using some specific fonts, this can occur in Engage.

* These fonts: Articulate, Articulate Extrabold, or Articulate Narrow. 

If you are using one of these fonts, please try using a different font and let me know if this still happens. 

Try aligning the text to a different alignment. The suggested workaround states that left is the best for resolving this, but it looks like your text may already be aligned to the left. You can try changing it to "center" and then back to "left" and see if that makes any difference.

If none of these suggestions fix the issue, could you please submit a support case with our tech team? Please include your Engage Interaction file (.intr) with your case.

I'm also curious to see what might be causing this. If you do open a case, please share the case number with me (either in this thread, or in a private message) and I'll follow along with the progress of the case.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Venkat!

I checked in on your support case today and I was very happy to see that the issue was resolved. I just wanted to update this thread with the resolution from the support case. 

It would seem that there is an issue with the Euro sign causing intermittent extra spaces. If you remove the Euro signs, the spacing will be fixed. 
The workaround found to prevent the extra spaces is to change the font for the words that are beside the extra space.