Speech Bubbles and Custom Animation

Feb 21, 2013


I'm using PPT 2007 and I have a slide where I am showing a customer conversation using speech bubbles.  Through customise animation I am fading in and then fading out various bubbles.

When I publish, this slide shows all the bubbles at once and only animates the text when I need the actual bubbles with text to animate.  I typed in the speech bubbles and have not grouped a text box on top of them.

Any ideas on how I can sort this?

Thanks in advance 

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Timothy August

I've had variations of that happen a number of times to me with various shapes, and I think it's just one of the bugs we have to deal with.  On numerous occasions, I've had to do the following workaround, which should provide a solution.

Your speech bubble is, to Powerpoint, a "shape" like any other. Right click on it, "cut" it, and then paste it back again as a "picture".  Then apply the necessary animation(s) to that single "picture".  If for any reason you need to have the speech bubble show first, and then fade in the text, then do the same thing, but do so by creating two different "pictures" (one of the speech bubble and one of the text box - both converted to 'picture').  

The bottom line is that I've found that Presenter handles the animation of "pictures" flawlessly, whereas sometimes, for reasons unknown to me, it will garble things up like it sounds like it's doing to yours.


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