Switch Templates in Existing Project

We have a number of Engage templates being used throughout our organization. A coworker has completed a project for another department, but she used our department's Engage Template. 

I was wondering if there is a way to switch the Engage template after a the interactions have already been built. It looks like you can just change it by choosing the template you want to use on the publish options, but this isn't working.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Michael - Can you say a little more about what you want to do? Are you wanting to switch an existing Engage interaction to a different color scheme? If so, you can use the steps in this article to share Engage color schemes among your colleagues.

Or: are you instead wanting to change an existing interaction into a different interaction type? (For example, change your content from a Tabs interaction to a Timeline interaction?) If so, unfortunately there's not a way to do that. You'd need to rebuild the content by creating a new interaction. One way to speed things along would be to have two instances of Engage open, so that you could copy/paste the text from one to the other.

Michael Nealon

Hi Jeanette. Thank you for your quick reply. 

We have a number of pre-made Engage templates for different departments in my company. The color scheme is the main difference between them. The issue we have is this:

A co-worker has created a project with some Engage interactions in the project. She built the Engage interactions with the template from our department. When she presented the project to the people in the other department, they requested that she change the Engage interactions to the template that they commonly use. Is there a way to open an existing completed project and apply a different Engage template to it through importing, or maybe by editing the XML file so she does not have to rebuild the interactions in the other template?

We are trying to save as much time as possible.

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Michael, by changing the "template" do you mean changing to a completely different interaction type, or just changing the color scheme? The color scheme's an easy switch. But if you need to transfer all the content from an existing interaction to a different interaction type, there's not a turn-key way to do that. It would involve rebuilding. 

If I'm not understanding your question correctly, would you mind attaching a copy of the template you mention? That way I can get a better idea of what you have in mind. Thanks!

Michael Nealon

I guess it is just the color scheme. It's not the player template, only the Engage interaction itself. The buttons, background color, font colors and so on, within the Engage interaction.

I only have access to the one our team uses. I have attached it to this post. The way we use it is open it in Engage > Save As > project name. My co-worker has already created all the interactions using the styles in this template. She needs to change to the other template, which has different colors on the buttons, background, fonts etc.

Jeanette Brooks

OK thanks Michael, for that info & for attaching the example file. 

In order for your co-worker to apply the new look to her existing interactions, the first thing is, she'll need to have the new color scheme on her hard drive. If it's already there, it'll show up as one of the choices when she clicks the Colors dropdown in Engage (see below). If the new color scheme is NOT listed there, it means the person who created the new color scheme will need to share it with her by using the steps in this article. Then she'll be able to apply the new color scheme to her existing Engage interactions. 

You also mentioned fonts. If there are custom fonts you'd like to use in the interactions (rather than the default Articulate font), you can set those up in any interaction by clicking Interaction Properties > Colors and Effects. The Title font is used for the headings in your interaction, and the Content font is used for the detail text within each segment, tab, or step of your interaction.  

Hope that helps!