Tab for Notes does not appear in the left panel for QM and Engage

Oct 10, 2013

Hi, there -- I am a long time user of Studio 09, and am now working with Studio 13.  For each Quizmaker and Engage slide, the Notes tab does not appear in the left panel (i.e., where the test in the Notes pane on the PPT slide would ordinarily appear).  Only the Menu tab appears.

I have researched and tried everything I can think of to fix this.  What am I missing??

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Evelyn! Sorry your post got missed. 

By default, the Notes will show in the top right of your player:

If you would like that to be in a 'tab' with your menu, then you can move it in the player so that it's in the sidebar:

It would then display like this:

This is with an Engage Interaction.

Is this what you are asking? Or am I missing something?

Leslie Steele

I am also trying to add an Attachments tab to an Engage project, but I'm not seeing the same options in my player as displayed above.  See attachment.  I know how to create new tabs in the Storyline 2 player, but, as you can see, my Engage options are very limited.  What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,


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