Tab Interaction - Skips audio on replay

I am working on a Tab interaction that is set to Presentation mode.  During the presentation, if the learner skips ahead using the scrub slide tool, listens to a portion of that tab, and then scrubs the presentaion back toward the beginning, whatever was already seen is skipped.  When it comes to a new tab, the presentation jumps to the new material that has not been seen.  This only appears to be happening in the interaction.

Thanks in advance for any clues to solving this issue.


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Peter Anderson

Hi Bonnie!

Would you like to submit a case and upload the .INTR file for the interaction you want us to review? One of our support engineers would be happy to help you find a resolution. You can do that here:

Please include the url to this thread along with any pertinent information and someone will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks!

Peter Anderson

That is peculiar. I'm not able to reproduce the issue either. Did you have a chance to do the screen recording of what you're seeing and send it to our support team? If you haven't, I think that might be useful for them to get a better idea of exactly what's happening. I'll continue to brainstorm on my end as well.