Tab Names the Same, Files Different, but replacing each other

Aug 26, 2011

Hi there!

I'm creating an ecourse which is divided up into several modules for which I have created separate folders which house the separate powerpoint files (e.g. Module1.ppt is in a folder labeled Module 1). Within each of these separate folders are the corresponding Articulate files as well.

My issue - In each module, I've used Articulate Engage to create a tab called "Glossary." The glossary in module 1 of my course has different content than the glossary in module 2 and so on. Unfortunately, when I open up Module 2 and update my "glossary" tab, it seems to update/delete/effect the items in the glossary tab in the other modules (even though the engage files are all in separate folders).

Please help - I'm not sure if I have to name the tabs something different (even though I want them all to say Glossary) or what I'm doing wrong. I've redone the terms in these glossaries several times now. I thought it would be a good time to seek help.



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Brian Batt

Hi Ren,

Have you published each presentation since you've split them up?  It sounds like each presentation still has some of the old data that is pointing it to the wrong files.  Here's what I would recommend:

1.  Open each presentation

2.  Remove the tabbed interaction

3.  Publish the presentation

4.  Close PowerPoint

This will regenerate the PPTA file for each presentation.  Then, go back into each presentation & re-add the tab.  Let us know if that doesn't resolve the issue.

Ren J


I have not published the presentations yet. When I publish the presentation, do I publish it to the same folder where all the other files (.ppt, engage, presenter etc.) reside? Or does it matter? When I go to Articulate > Publish, it asks me for a publish location. Thanks for your help - this is my first Articulate presenation.



Brian Batt

Hi Ren,

If you are receiving an error message that states "Unable to get PowerPoint reference. Please close this dialog and restart it", you may need to restart your computer. If the issue continues, please follow the steps outlined here for your particular operating system to see if they address your issue:

We do offer phone support, but I believe we can resolve your issue either here in the forums or via a support case.  Feel free to take a look at our additional support options here:

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