Tab Titles text disappeared!

Aug 30, 2017

Hi all, in one (only) of the 15 or so interactions we have in a course, recently converted from Studio 09 to 13, the titles for the tabs simply do not appear. They are all there in the Edit window, numbered as usual, and the tab text is fine. The background for each tab list title is there, it's dark blue so we have a dark blue bar for each tab on the left of the window.  See screenshot attached.  Clicking on one of these opens the tab text OK. As far as I can tell the font colour is set to white; we have tried all sorts of colour schemes but to no avail.

Any clues?  In all the documentation I can find nothing about getting the tab title to show, or changing the text colour.

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Leslie McKerchie

That's it Jon - thanks for sharing :)

So, good news/bad news: Nothing is wrong with your color set-up. You just have too many tabs to display the text. 

Take a look at this quick Peek recording I did when I removed about half the tabs then added them back.

So, if you can split it up perhaps I bet it will work perfectly.

Tony Mills

Many thanks for that, I'll consolidate some pairs of tabs on to a single tab so we have fewer tabs.

The odd thing is that the interaction has been in use in that course for 18 months at least without any comment from its 300 plus learners in that period.

(And now back to the Quizmaker failures problem (Case #01071741)......we had a few more cases while I have been away, and I'm trying to summarise all the relevant info to send to you under that Case reference)

With regards


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