Text appearing in black instead of white in Engage interactions


I've upgraded some e-learning modules from Studio'13 to Studio 360 and the formatting of the text has gone off.

Some text meant to appear in white is now black and I didn't manage to fix that (unless I manually change the font color from black to white in the format tab, but in this case I can't see the text anymore when I enter the Engage interaction).

Please see the scrrenshot attached. Can you help me with that?


Thanks a lot!



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Vincent Scoma

Hi Julien,

Happy to jump in to help! 

That is odd that the text is not retaining the font colors when updating the file. Does this happen to any Engage '13 file you are updating? 

In case this helps, I wanted to reference a resource that provides some next steps when updating Engage '13 files: 

Please keep us updated on this! 

Julien Camus

That doesn't really help. The Engage color scheme tells the text to be white, but appears in black and nothing fixes it. Plus there are some issues with most images which are not showing fully.

We have recently updated other packages without any issues. But we now have a series of modules that are really problematic. Can we share the entire project wiht Articulate staff for them to look at it? If so, how does that work? Thank you!