Tic Tac Toe

Mar 07, 2011

I want to use the Tic Tac Toe community interaction. However, I can't figure out how to use the True/False question piece. Where do I tell it which is the correct answer?

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Keith Tyler-Smith


I've used the Tic Tac Toe interaction before in Moodle 1.9  with success. I just adapted it to use in a course for carers working with people with dementia and have uploaded it to a Moodle course, though this is Moodle 2.0.

When I publish and play it it works fine. I zipped it and uploaded to my Moodle course as a Scorm package. When it opens it has a stray button up at the top left hand square - (see image below). Does anyone have any idea what causes this and how do you fix it?

Help would be much appreciated.


I am trying to use this as a review at the end of several chapters within a course. Whichever Game is opened fist operates just fine.  Any subsequent game looks like the image below, no questions, no text.

If I leave the window (and the room) for some long periond of time, it eventually seems to load. Unfortunately, I don't believe I'll be instructing my students to take a long break before each of these end of section reviews.

Any help?

David McClelland

Hi Keith - I have not seen this happen in production before. It looks like part of the interaction code is not loading that lays out the tiles. I would only have wild guesses without knowing more details about how you have set up the interaction. I am new to the new forums - if there is a way to directly contact me that would be the best way to work this - then hopefully we can share the final answer with the community.



David McClelland said:


There is a bug in the code that prevents subsequent TicTacToe instances from loading properly.

Is this being worked on?  Any "fixes" on the horizon?  I think it is a great way to break up the chapters in a longer on-line session.

Also, I have an idea for you for a similar game if you are interested. 

Kathie Dunn

I have the same issue - only it happens with just one instance of TicTacToe. Usually, the first time you go to the slide, it loads fine. Then, if you move backwards or forwards through the course, it no longer loads, or takes forever to load.

I have attempted a workaround of inserting it as a SWF (either via PPT or via Articulate) and get the following:

Any ideas?

David McClelland

Jennifer Bushman said:

Does anyone get the following message when selecting an answer in tic tac toe:

 "incorrect value used for true or false: [false. updates are expected to be available by august of this year."

How do I get rid of the "incorrect value used for true or false" statement?

 Hi Jennifer - This error displays when you name the tabs something other than the expected values  "True" or "False"

Renee Schuh

Has anyone used the tic tac toe interaction lately? I'm trying to incorporate it into an elearning module in Storyline and the interaction is not showing in the submit button, nor is it showing the T/F labels (see red arrow). I'm not sure why it used to work and now it doesn't work in IE, Chrome, or Firefox...And it doesn't work in the preview of SL either. Is it because Flash is so much newer than this version of the interaction now? Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!

Kathie Dunn

Renee - that looks like something that was already posted and is a known issue. It came when you tried to have multiple tic-tac-toe interactions, or, it followed a different type of interaction. Since Storyline is pretty much all interaction driven, that's probably where the issue is.

And, since David has already replied (he's the writer of the interaction), I doubt you will get much further. I thought the interaction was grand, and don't know what *issues* may have arisen with its distribution, but it is a shame that it can't work with Storyline and that it was unable to work without quite a few conditions previously. I know that as a consultant, it cost me a great deal of $$s as when I couldn't get assistance, and it wouldn't work, I couldn't charge the client for any of the effort expended.

Probably the only true "bust" I've had when dealing with any of the Articulate products - and since it was a community interaction, not sure how much influence they had over it.

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