Track independent SCORM objectives

Greeting from a newbie,

I have created a course in Articulate Engage which pop-up sub-modules (lets call them Objectives) in seperate windows. These objectives are mixture of Articulate Presenter, Quizmaker, Adobe Captivate and PDF. Currently it sent "Completed" status to LMS after user has opened four objectives, without knowing if they have gone these objective thoroughly.

Ideally, I want to be able to track if user has completed each objective then send a "completion value" to the Main Module (Engage). If user does not finish the objective, it will send nothing to the main module and Main Module status remains Incomplete.

Once the user has completed all of the objectives, then Engage will send a completed status to the LMS. It would be better if each objective can also be tracked in LMS (cmi.objectives.n.status), but not essential.

I hope it make sense, I wonder if anyone can help me or give me some idea, much appreciated.


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