Upgrade Studio 09 to Studio 13 - how much work?

Hi All,

I have a Studio 09 course of 6 modules, each with a 'run-time' of about 30 minutes. They all use Engage interactions and Quizzes throughout.

With a need to now support iPads, I need to convert/upgrade to either Studio 13 or Storyline.

If I plan to keep all the content unchanged as much as possible, how can I estimate how much work would be involved for an experienced Articulate developer under these two options?

If anyone has worked out a formula or some rules of thumb to come up with a time estimate I'd be very grateful if they could share them, also if you can recommend an organisation or developer to do this based on your experience of them

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Bryan, 

Thanks for your post! I know I've seen a few "estimated time calculators" like this one around the forums, but since your questions is specifically about upgrading content that has already been created, you'll likely need something more specific to your project. Have you checked out the Building Better Courses side of the forums? If not, I'd suggest posting your question over there as well. You're likely to get more eyes on your question that way. :)