User doesn't know the summary is there

May 25, 2012

Hi all,

I have an engage tab interaction with some roles and responsibilities on tabs. It includes the introduction, and a summary. The introduction is seen when the interaction loads. Then they can click the roles to see them, After they've clicked all of the tabs, the 'interaction just sits there in pause mode. It's waiting for them to visit the final screen, but they don't even know it's there!

 If I click through the tabs in order using the navigation buttons at the top-right of the screen, the summary shows up. But a user will not know that's an option and may miss the summary altogether!

I looked through the forum and all the template options, but I don't see a way to force the summary without locking up the entire interaction. Is there a way to make a tab and point it to the summary? Any other suggestions?



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