Users having an issue with engage

Feb 09, 2018


One of my courses has just gone live and a couple of users are having issues when an engage presentation should launch. When I check the course it works perfectly well but they're complaining of a blank screen.

I did think that it might be an issue with wifi but they said that they've not had an issue with any other parts of the course.

So wondering if anyone has any ideas of what might be causing the problem?





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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Simon,

Sorry to hear that you've run into an issue with your course.

Are you saying that the Engage is not launching when it should be? I wasn't clear on the actual issue reported. They are getting a blank screen instead of seeing the actual interaction, correct?

Can you share some additional information:

  • What software is the Engage interaction embedded in? Or is it a standalone?
  • How are you publishing/sharing the course?
  • What browser/environment are the users experiencing an issue viewing in?

If you have a project file that you'd like us to take a look at, please feel free to share.

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