Using Color Scheme for Content Text

Hi - is there an option in the Engage Color Scheme to apply a color globally to the content text? (e.g. the content for a tab, timeline event etc.). When I choose Background and Text > Slide Text, it applies the color only to the title of the slide. Would be nice to apply to all content text instead of manually applying color to each tab etc. Thanks!

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jennifer - right, as you found out by using Background and Text > Slide Text, that parameter only controls the heading within each segment or tab of the interaction. It's not currently possible to globally set the color for your content text from within the color scheme editor. So, color changes in the content text need to be made within each segment by using the text-editing tools. Having a global setting for content text color would make a great feature request though!

Jennifer Bircher

Thanks, Jeannette - feature request submitted!

I'll select all text and apply the color manually... But one quick question about selecting all text - do you know if there is a workaround to the following bug (which I believe has been documented before):

An interaction item (such as tab content text, timeline event text etc.) contains a mixture of bulleted text, non-bulleted text, and blank lines. When all text is selected, then every piece of text is automatically formatted as bullets (even the blank lines). Any workarounds to this? (Other than selecting each line, one-by-one to apply color?) Thanks!

Jeanette Brooks

No fix on that one yet; after applying the new color probably the easiest thing is to do a ctrl-a to select all text and remove all bullets, then re-apply bullets on just the paragraphs you want. In some situations, if you have just a paragraph of regular text and then several paragraphs of bullets, it might be quicker to select the bulleted stuff only, apply the new color, and then select the non-bulleted paragraph, and apply the color. Sorry for the inconvenience! It's definitely a known issue.