Using images within engage interactions


I'm trying to develop an engage interaction that will allow me to provide the following:

1) An image of potuguese writing (taken from a pdf)

2) An image of the marks awarded for the writing

3) Rationale

The images are quite big and therefore I need them to either be 'scroll-able' or be big enough to be easy to read.

Currently, I've tried the tabs interaction, but the zoom on the image doesn't leave me with an image that is easy to read, and I've tried the media tour, but that didn't work either!

Any ideas?



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Rachel Nickson


Thank you for that - I'm ever so sorry though, I don't know what a FLA file is or how to do any of what you said above!

I'm very new to all of this and have no experience (other than copying what other people tell me what to do!).

Is there any other way of doing this that doesn't use flash? I dont have this software.



Minh-Triet Nguyen

I'm sorry, I should have prefaced my response with the software requirements.  Maybe this approach would work:

  1. Use the Engage Labeled Graphic interaction to load your main image.  Yes it will be mostly illegible but it's just a visual point of reference, sort of like a map image.
  2. Place the dots around the key areas you want your users to focus on.  Write up a caption but then use a cropped and legible image that displays just that chunk of text on the doc, to create a sort of zoomed in effect.