Using same Engage Interaction in one presentation

Feb 10, 2014


I have a presentation that I am trying to use the same Engage Interaction (Tab Interaction) in two different parts (Slide 4 and Slide 34). When I try to Add Existing, I am then prompted to allow slide update and then nothing. It doesn't insert the presentation into the second location.

Previous conversation I found was 800 days ago and didn't come up with an answer. Do I have to rename the Engage Interaction for the second use? This will be problematic for updating the presentation for consistency when data content changes each year.

thanks for any other ideas to allow multiple insertions of the same Engage Interaction within one presentation.

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Declan.

My testing shows that in order for an Engage Interaction to appear more than once within a Presenter Course, there must be two copies of the .intr file with two different filenames, although we certainly welcome your Feature Requests!

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

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