Video Encoder & video for an engage slideshow template


I used video encoder to change an avi 199 MB approx 4 min video showing a process in excel - to a flv. It took one hour. I chose the medium size but the end video was too small. I tried to convert it to the large size and the video encoder said it would take 4 hours! I didn't proceed.

The actual video size is 1290 x 836. How can I use video encoder to convert this to a video type that plays in Articulate and at a size that can be viewed in Engage e.g. slideshow (so the end video looks as large as possible)? Also, is it normal to take so long to convert?



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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Susan!

Presenter '09 supports swf, flv, and mp4 movies in the slide and the Presenter Panel.  Using an AVI may not be the best choice.

The Articulate Video Encoder '09 can convert video into flv format. This may be the best option for your video. 

Jeanette posted a very helpful guide on converting videos to flv in the Video Encoder. Check it out.

Let me know if this works for you!