WAV file not uploading into Engage

I have an engage interaction that I am trying to add a PCM WAV file to. I am able to access the add audio screen, select my file, 3.930 KB, and click OPEN. After a moment the Audio area in Engage changes from "No Audio" to ready, but the time still states 0.00 secs. And the play button or audio editing buttons aren't live.

Any suggestions?


Angel Tessier

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Angel,

First, you'll want to check that you're working with local project files as described here.  Also, I'd try to insert another WAV file into this project, or into a new project to see if you can isolate the issue to one element. If you continue to have difficulty after confirming you're working on your local drive, you may want to conduct a repair of Studio (Studio 09 directions).

Also, if you'd like us to test it, please feel free to share the audio file and your Engage interaction here or send it to us privately.