Web object sits over top of player tab - need help

Hi all articulate experts! As usual, I am happy to have any support you can give me. I have a real puzzling situation here though.

First things first, some of my material requires the use of flash files as web objects. The flash files CANT be inserted as flash files, since they are not embedded .swfs themselves.  I  also need to have a player tab inserted in my presenter. My problem occurs when I am on a slide with a web object, and the player tab is accessed. When the player slides down over the presenter, the  web object still sits on top of the player.

I have attached a picture to help illustrate my point. The red circle is the web object sitting over the blue square, which is the player tab.

Any suggestions are welcome! Right now my only solution is to make one of them a separate window, but  I figured I would ask here, in case I am missing something.

Thank you!

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Ben Mincavage

Thanks Phil,

But I'm still stuck, since I have a flash file AND a web object  existing already on the same slide. Mr. Burton's way would work if my web object was alone, but unfortunately it is paired with another flash file and inserting Mr. Burton's file would overwrite my flash file.

James, does your widget idea interfere with the external flash file? Or is there a way to insert the code in my existing flash file without interfering with it's actions?

Thanks for all your help, any ideas are certainly appreciated.