Will Engage 360 be sticking around?

My team is in the process of moving Articulate Studio courses to Storyline 360. Some of the older courses use a lot of Engage interactions. The course content is important, but there isn't a big enough of an audience to justify redesigning it (at this time). I know you can publish to HTML 5 in Engage 360, so that isn't an issue. Our concern is whether or not Engage 360 will continue to be supported or if it will be phased out.  The team is divided on its status.  Please enlighten us. :)    Thanks!

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Katie Riggio

Hi Penny,

Thanks for your post, and that's a great question!

We don't have plans to phase out the Studio 360 suite, so Engage 360 isn't going anywhere. Of course, we'll notify you of any relevant changes!

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