Will Engage/Quizmaker 2013 preload?

Jan 02, 2013

I know Presenter preloads 2 slides, and I have integrated a bulk preloader into my e-learning course to download all visual/audio assets before starting the course. However, Engage and Quizmaker interactions still preload in real time (Studio 09). This causes a pause in my e-learning, upsetting the flow a little.

Will the 2013 Articulate Studio version include preloading of these interactions once they are published?

Or do I need to upgrade to Storyline to achieve this? Thanks.

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Steve McAneney

Hi Steven.

This thread is referring to the below bulk preloader that James Kingsley developed for Studio. It will preload assets (video, images etc) for Presenter and Engage but not Quizmaker. I have found that even with the preloader though, there is still quite a pause while Engage interactions are loaded, due to internet speed and my LMS being slow.

Hope this helps.


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