508 Accessibility New Player for 360 Next and Previous buttons also menu issues with 508

Hi everyone,

The company I work for has to build training that can pass a 508 review. We were excited about the new player but shortly found out that the next icon and previous icon used does not have alt tags set. When we use a screen reader it does not read next or previous. Is there a way I can go in and fix this challenge with the player?

Second on the new player menu when a learner with disabilities tabs or hovers through the menu there isn't enough contrast to pass a 508 review. In the old player, we could set background colors and such. Is there a workaround for the new HTML5 player?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Lisa,

Thanks for reaching out with your questions so that we can help you out :)

The Modern Player has a default setting on the prev/next buttons to be icons only, but you can adjust this to text or icon/text.

If you need additional color options outside of the light or dark of the modern player, you can still utilize the classic player and customize as you seem to be familiar with.

Hope that helps :)

Ren Gomez

Hi Dianna,

I'm sorry, but you've come across the issue where the prev/next buttons don't read the text names on the Modern Player. Our team is digging into the bug, and we'll be sure to update folks here once we have more info.

For the latest information on the accessibility improvements coming to Storyline 360, head over to Simon's post in this discussion.