Accessing and viewing my course

I have an e-course I am selling and have used the general view link to my course posted on Articulate Online (the link under Invite). When customers buy my course, they are moved to a hidden webpage on my website and can access the e-course with that embedded link.

I have the basic monthly plan. It states for Articulate Online that there are unlimited views.

Does this apply if I have many sales with customers accessing  the same link over and over. Will this work or will something crash, etc.?

Hope this makes sense.

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Hello Hello1


I have a website and I'm selling e-learning course access created by storyline. I now want to be able to enable users to track and report and I realise Articulate online would help me with this. Do users have to redirect to articulate online to get access to the reports and tracking or if I purchase the product, can they do this from my site?