Adding bulk users, assigning random passwords & forcing p/w change


I'm soon to be rolling out a piece of eLearning via Articulate Online to about 500 users. I want to bulk upload these users on to the system and have Articulate Online randomly generate a password for each of them. If I use the bulk upload CSV file provided by Articulate, I am forced to manually choose a password for each user. I know that I could simplify this by setting a generic password for all, but this is far from ideal.

So, it seems my only option is to use the regualr User creation method, by entering in all the email addresses manually, separated by commas, choosing random password generation. This shouldn't be too difficult to do as I can export that data from an existing spreadsheet. However, if I want to update the users details in bulk at a later date, if I use the bulk upload csv file provided by Articulate, will this fail because I leave the password field blank?

Also, would it erase the existing password?

Finally, is there any way I can set Articulate Online to force a user to change their password on their first login?

Many thanks in advance!



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Rob Puricelli

Hey all,

Looks like I've just found the answer to the first part of my question.

You initially add users via their email addresses to randomly generate the passwords, then use the bulk upload tool to add details. This won't change their password.

I'd still like to know if Articulate Online can force new users to change their password upon their initial login to the system.