Administrator rights

We're talking to a peak industry body about becoming the provider of their certification program.  Part of the brief requests that we train their assoc. staff to deal with their own assoc. members.

Part of this would be managing learners.  If we did this on AOnline could we:

1.) set them up as admins who could then set up learners, switch on/off content and use the reporting functionality to generate their own reports?

2.) set these admins up so they can ONLY see their own members (in a group we'd create to house them in AOnline)-- but not the other learners we'd have set up in other groups?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Bud,

I'm afraid not - Administrators have full access to all of the content, all of the groups, all of the reports.

Here's more information on each role:

User roles in Articulate Online

Thinking about your situation, it sounds like the Reporter role might actually be best for these accounts. They'll only have access to groups that you specify and they'll be able to run reports on that group and their content.

Just a thought! Good luck, Bud :)