Advice please - One presentation used on multi-devices recording as 'incomplete' even though completed


Can anyone assist with the query below?  I thought as long as the presentation/browser was closed down properly each time on each device, the data should be saved to the student's history/account.  Is that right?

'I have viewed all the articulate slides  but because I did some of it on the app on my ipad it is still registering it as incomplete. Will I have to go through it all again on the PC? I don’t have a laptop at home so I was hoping to use the ipad. Is it not possible to use both?'

What advice can I give the student?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michaela,

What version of Storyline or Studio are you publishing with? 

Your learners should be able to switch between devices, browsers, and formats without losing their progress or results. They'll resume right where they left off and they'd need to be logged into their Articulate Online account. 

Do you have the course set up for public access or individual, private access with invited users?

Michaela Cheetham

Hi Ashley,

We're using Studio '13 and it is set up for private access with invited users.   Students are advised to log in to their full AO account but there do have access to a Launch Button (which only allows access to the presentation/quiz itself, not their history etc)   It shouldn't make a difference either way, should it?  As long as the presentation and browser is closed down properly, surely the data is saved.   Sorry, not very tech savvy.



Michaela Cheetham

Hi Leslie,

We track slides viewed and the resume data is set on course completion at the moment.  We did that because we have over 120 students working on the presentations and in your guide it mentions consideration of the high traffic if set to send data after every slide.

'Keep in mind that because this option results in frequent communication between your presentation and Articulate Online, it does increase network traffic, which can become significant if you roll out your presentation simultaneously to many learners.'

If we were to do this, what issues may arise?  Is there a higher risk on anomalous results appearing?  We had a few occasions of 4/0 appearing for no apparent reason - put it down to internet interruption previously as guided by the support team.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michaela!

Thanks for getting back with me on this.

I did not see you mention how you have the resume data set in your course? I shared that link above.

The risk to the more frequent communication simply means more bandwidth, which could possibly cause slowness with many users I imagine. I'm not sure what you are asking about with the 4/0 reference?

Let me know about that resume setting in the player and if that alleviates the issue that you are seeing.