Answer Breakdown: How did people answer not showing in articulate online

Hello Community!

I am currently experiencing issues capturing Answer breakdown reports in Articulate online. I am using storyline 360's survey slides. The option to report answer break down is not available when uploading to articulate online.

I have included the survey scene of the module. When uploading this single scene the Answer Breakbow is an option. But once the scene is uploaded with other scenes the Answer breakdown is not an option.  

Advice and help will be greatly appreciated.  

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Daisha!

Let's dig into why you aren't seeing the Answer Breakdown: How did people answer? report in Articulate Online.

I published the course to Articulate Online from Storyline 360, and took the course using an incognito window so that I could pull an accurate report. After, I went back to the Reports section in Articulate Online and chose Answer Breakdown: How did people answer?.

Fortunately, I saw all the answers that I had submitted as well as the survey response. You can see my testing here.

Please let me know if you see something different on your end!

Daisha Hayes

Thanks, Lauren!

When uploading my entire project to articulate online (the scene attached previously and others) the Answer breakdown was not available. To send the scene I attached, I imported just my survey scene into a new storyline file. This works!

Long story short, I imported my entire project (10 different scenes, 61sdlides total) into a new storyline file. Then uploaded the entire project to Articulate Online. This worked! I am uncertain why my original project would not populate the Answer breakdown option. But it is not working.

Thanks for helping me troubleshoot!  

Ren Gomez

Hi Daisha,

Great call to import into a new Storyline file! I'm glad it worked and I appreciate you sharing this in case others in the community come across this issue.

If you run into this again, feel free to reach back out in this discussion or connect with our support engineers for some tailored support!