AO 2014

Will there be an AO2014?  It seems everything is being worked on except for AO.  Unfortunately I have just signed on with an LMS provider and will be taking the majority of my business to them.  Well, it's fortunate for me at least.  I will maintain the minimum AO account for public courses until I learn this new system.

I would like to sincerely thank Articulate for having a product that got me started and as much as I hate to leave, but my business has outgrown the AO product.  Thanks again!! 

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Gabe Anderson

Thanks for asking, Keith, and sorry to see you leave - but good to hear that AO helped you build the foundation for your business! Best of luck with the new LMS provider. 

I can't comment on the future of AO and we haven't announced anything, but suffice it to say that we're always hard at work behind the scenes innovating and improving our products. We pay attention to the market and listen to customer needs.