AO - data reset / resume data malfunction


Had this feedback from a remote student:

So I have a problem with month 4:(
I started doing it at work, where I completed a couple of quizzes , right up to and including point 3.1 quick check quiz for IH specialism - I even printed off the results for the quizzes but now at home when I ask it to take me where I left off it takes me right to the beginning. Also it seems to think I failed the 3.1 quiz and it has just asked me if I wanted to retry instead - I have now repeated it but it is still refusing to print even tho I am using completely different browser Internet Explorer. The old browser I used to use was Google Chrome which is still not printing anything even after clearing cache etc following your advice. Any ideas?

Her record (attached image) clearly shows that the data has reset.  As it worked at her place of employment but isn't working at home, I'm tempted to think it is a user end hardware issue but can anyone offer any other suggestions/advice?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michaela,

It can be difficult to track down an issue when it's isolated to one particular user. Do you know what versions of each of those browsers she's using, as that may be helpful info? 

Also, it sounds like she saw the Resume prompt but then was brought back to an earlier point in the course? Have you heard that happening with any other users? 

Michaela Cheetham

Hi Ashley,

See attached pdf for info requested and provided so far...

We've had a couple of reports of issues with printing the results.  Seems that even though the print function has been activated on the quiz result slides, the presentation uploaded, published and checked before being given to students (and it working fine), it won't let them print - it prompts for a name but does nothing else. I've then accessed the presentations again to check and it then doesn't work for me either!   I'm using the latest version of Chrome.

Cache clearance has been done and also advised to others but the problem still reoccurs.   I thought the problem would be rectified if I edited it (by unticking the print function and then re-adding it) each time the presentation is updated, however it still seems to do the same thing - even when I 'overwrite' the presentation and -when prompted - the Articulate package version.  I'm not convinced it is actually 'overwriting'. I was beginning to think it was an Articulate cache issue.

Not had any other reports from users experiencing the issue with the Resume prompt, as yet....

 Is there something else I should be doing/or something I am doing wrong at this end regarding the Print Results issue?  I haven't done anything different to previous times when republishing updated versions and yet we never had this problem before. Help! :-(

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Michaela.  Printing results can fail under a couple of different circumstances.  In this case, is it possible that a pop-up blocker is preventing your results from displaying?

Let your users know:  If your pop-up blocker gives you the option to display the blocked content, allow it to display.  To always allow your results to display, add an exception to your pop-up blocker for the domain where courses are hosted—for example,

If you're using an earlier version of Studio/Storyline, you'll also have to be sure Flash Player is enabled in the browser where the course is being viewed.  Print results isn't supported in HTML5 output for those tools.  It looks like your user has Flash enabled, though, based on her answers.

The resetting of her progress is a bit mysterious, though.  AO should be allowing her to log back in and resume from where she left off if that's the setting you enabled.  I'm going to open a case for our engineers to have a look, and I'll shoot you an email to request your user's information so we can see if anything is amiss behind the scenes.