AO is part of our proposal

We've received some questions back on AO as follows--- the questions are theirs and below are my own probable responses/queries on additional info from Articulate-- tks for any help!

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Management – Articulate Online

15.          Articulate online – are you able to give us an indication of the costs for support around 2000 learners?

possible to communicate some sense of scale on this, as it is off the published rate card?

16.          Is this 2000 in any given timeframe (ie. up to 2000 can log in each month) or 2000 in total for number of people who can register.

I think the answer is 2000 individual users-- can you confirm?

17.          Articulate Online – this includes Hosting, Reporting, and Data Management yes? Is it possible to split out hosting and use a separate reporting tool?

there's no point in splitting hosting & reporting, is there?

18.          Technical support – do they offer support to users as well as administrators?

Support would be to admins, not users, per my understanding-- possible to confirm?

19.          What is their SLA for response times?

Our experience with Articulate has been superlative-- any suggested response on this?

20.          For maintenance management, would we work with you or directly with AO?

We're recommending the prospect work directly w/Articulate-- would they have a dedicated CS person?

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