AO Not Tracking Mobile Users

Our team recently noticed mobile users aren't being tracked in Articulate Online for modules created in Storyline 3. This has been reported for android and iOs devices and isn't sporadic - it seems to impact every mobile user.

 We publish these courses as HTML5 and do not use the Articulate Mobile Player. It's our understanding AO tracks content regardless if Flash, AMP, or HTML5 output. 

My suspicion is the course isn't being 'closed' properly on the device, but we've had an on-going issue with the Exit trigger not working in HTML5. Therefore, the browser can't be closed upon completion of the content.

Is there a known issue for this? Any further ideas for troubleshooting or a workaround?


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Carrie Jones

Hi Leslie,

From what I've seen and tested, it's not recording even when the content's complete. What I don't know is at what point SL considers it complete?

The Exit Course trigger doesn't seem to work in HTML5 and that's what is on the Results Slide. So if clicking is what makes the content complete, then mobile users can't complete since it doesn't work.

My workaround might be to mark complete after viewing 'x' slides instead of by Results Slide when publishing?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carrie,

Storyline and AO (or your LMS) should mark the course complete once they've reached the completion requirement - whether that is slides viewed or completing the quiz and viewing the results slide.

If you're still seeing some odd outcomes with Storyline and Articulate Online, it may be easiest to look into your AO course. Can you reach out to our Support Engineers here? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Carrie! I appreciate you reaching out and I took a look at the case number you shared.

It looks like this issue was logged as a software bug. I wanted to share some information on how we define bugs and how we tackle them when they occur.

Your case is flagged so that we can update you when we have additional information to share.

I made a note on your case so that your support engineer, Shalom, is aware that you've reached out on behalf of Tonya.