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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Susan,

Are you hosting courses within the Articulate Mobile player for access on your mobile devices and hosting within Articulate Online? Articulate Online doesn't support offline viewing, nor does Tin Can API if you were hosting in another LMS as it's going to need the internet connection to report data back to the LMS. 

Susan Loubser

Yes, we are hosting courses within the mobile player and we are hosting
within Articulate online. I can download a course to the library on my
tablet, and that works well. If a user gets back to an internet connection,
then, as I understand you, it will report back to the LMS?
We are offering training courses in Pakistan. Participants will have
internet access at some times, but not always. So, as long as we set this
up correctly and host in Articulate, it can work to allow us to track
I appreciate your help as we navigate through this!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Susan,

Although they appear in the library, that doesn't actually count as "offline" it's just a view within the app for ease of navigating back to each course. 

Articulate Online requires an Internet connection to view and track content. As a result, we've disabled the ability to view courses offline when they're hosted in Articulate Online.

Currently, offline viewing is only supported with courses published for web-deployment (i.e., hosted on a web server). There isn't a tracking or reporting method associated with a web server within Storyline.