Articulate Mobile Player

Hi everyone,

We have been unable to get Articulate Mobile Player to function on two iPads:

Current state:

Player loaded onto two iPads with identical problems.

When starting the App, the App once opened, appears unresponsive or partly frozen. 

Eg: (1) at the left bottom, clicking any of Library, Favourites or Help only changes the icon to blue, but nothing else happens.

(2) Tapping the * Favourites icon - again nothing happens.

Our training courses are on the web and have been published through Presenter 09.  I have tried running the courses on the iPad thinking that the App may run in the background and the programmes can be viewed on the iPad, but we have the same result trying to view the programmes as prior to loading the App.

I cannot find any instructions on how to use the App.

Future State:

I'd appreciate any asistance in learning how to get the app to deliver our training programmes using an iPad.

Thanks - Mark

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Blake Griffin


Courses created using Articulate Presenter '09 are not compatible with iPads or any other iOS device becuase when they are published they use SWF (Flash) files.  That being said, Articulate Storyline does have an option to publish an HTML5 and Articulate Mobile Player compatible course.  I have tested several Storyline courses on the iPad 2 through the Articulate Mobile Player and have not had the same issue. 

First, I would make sure your App doesn't need to be updated, and second I would consider removing the App from your iPad and re-installing it?

Good luck,


Bas van Broekhoven


We are experiencing exactly the same problem as Mark stated. When we launch the Articulate mobile app on the iPad, it starts, but does nothing. You can push the library, favorites and help button, but nothing happens. App is reinstalled, no difference. IOS: > 5

I have created a presentation in Storyline and selected the HTML5 and the iPad export. Which file do I need to select to open the file? The .swf will not work I think...

Thanks in advance,

Bas van Broekhoven.

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning!

There's a very informative knowledge base article that may help with improving the performance of your presentation and may help in resolving the freezing issues you're experiencing. 

Check out the article.

If you'd like to see a chart comparing Storyline's Flash, HTML 5 and Articulate Mobile Player output, check out this article. It may help you determine which is the best option for viewing your content on the iPad.

I hope this information helps.

Have a great day!

Bas van Broekhoven

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your fast reply!

I've read the article you send me. But I have the feeling this problem has not much to do with this article since the mobile articulate app itself doesn't respond (freezes). I can't even select or play a file. Re-installing did not help, the iPad meets the specs and software for the mobile player. 



David Patton

I am also having the exact same issue as above. No updates to the player are available. I published the content exactly as stated in the articulate support articles. The course works from the LMS website in Safari, but I want to be able to use the Articulate Mobile Player and use the Offline Viewing option. Neither of these seem to be possible right now.

Has any body resolved this yet?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi David. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

In order to track LMS content in Articulate Mobile Player, you'll need to publish for Tin Can API and you'll need to have the latest version of Storyline. This knowledge base article provides information on this topic. Also, if you read the FAQ notes on this article, it explains why you cannot track offline content in an LMS.

For more information about implementing Tin Can API for Articulate content, check out this article.

Also, you can find instructions for publishing to Tin Can API in this article.

R Rothrock

Got it solved in another thread.

I guess it was a case of misunderstanding how the mobile player app works. I expected that there was something that I could initiate from the app to get to, load, find, acquire new courses. But I was mistaken.

Evidently I need to use another browser (like mobile safari) to navigate to and launch the course. Which will then detect that I have the app and launch the course into the mobile player app.

I think it would be nice if the mobile player app help or perhaps the library screen gave this information for newly installed mobile player apps. Something like, "You will need to navigate to a course using your browser to add content to the Library." or something like that. To me it seemed like it was broken.

Ideally I would like to be able to use the Mobile App to discover, load, find, acquire, explore content. A built in browser would be awesome.

josh fernandez

I'm having the same problem. I can't navigate away from the attached screen. The Library, Favorites and Help buttons "work" in that they appear highlighted when you click them, but nothing else works. I already had several courses in my library, which I can't access. Nor can I access a new one I'm developing now.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Josh! You would not use the Articulate Mobile App for developing, only for accessing published courses that have been published to allow access. Based on the image that you attached, you are on the Help Tab (bottom left) and the icons that you are seeing are 'informational'. Can you click the Library or Favorites in the bottom left? If not, then your player has no content stored on your local device.