Articulate Online - Bulk User Import Question

I used the Bulk User import method to get all of my users loaded.

Ive set permissions to Private, and indicated that only these users can access the course.

Next, I will invite them to the course, by using the Invite tab. 

Question - Will they get the user name/password I set up for them in the bulk user process (in the spreadsheet I uploaded), or do I have to email each of them with it? If it's the latter, is there a better way?
thank you!

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Gabe Anderson

Hi Lynda-

The bulk import feature does not automatically notify your users of their accounts, as does adding users individually (assuming you don't uncheck that option).

Inviting users to view a specific content item will not email them their login info (though they can always click the "Reset Password" link themselves when prompted to login). 

One option you may consider is simply copying and pasting all the email addresses from your spreadsheet into a comma-separated list, then paste that list into the field under People -> Users -> Add Users, and leave the default option to "Generate a random password for each user." You're essentially adding the users again but automatically notifying them of their login info. Any other data you've added for the users will not be overwritten. 

Or you could manually do your own email merge using Excel and Word, if you want to assign all of your users the same starting password in your spreadsheet, but suggest they change it after logging in.

Does this help?

Lynda Stafford

Yes, thanks. 
I ended up deleting all the users I had added using the bulk upload method, and doing exactly what you say above, pasting their emails into the add User box, separated by commas. I let AO send everyone an automatically generated password. Then I re-uploaded everyone using the bulk upload method again. What I hear you saying, though, is I didn't have to delete everyone and re-upload them.

I added myself to the list to test it.
What I discovered is that the email that was sent out included a link , which, when I type in my username and password as prompted, enabled me to access the course. This was great.

I thought that I ALSO had to Invite everyone using the Invite tab. (I already set permission so that only people who are in this group can access this course). Doing that created a second email, as expected. I found that when I clicked on the link in THAT email, it did NOT require me to enter my username and password. This was not what I expected. So, now I'm wondering, when I review the reports, will anyone who access the course from this second email show up as "anonymous"?



Gabe Anderson

Hi Lynda-

Great to hear you figured out a similar approach!

It sounds like you're already logged in to your account, which is why you weren't prompted to login again. You can test it out in a different web browser to see if you're prompted to login, which you should be, assuming your content item's permissions are properly set to private.

Andrew Elder

Hey, Gabe! I tried this method, converting the column of emails from my ao-import.csv to their own .csv file then pasted it into the Add Users field in AO. I may have done something wrong there, as I still had to put a comma after each email address, but it didn't take too long. However, I keep getting an error that there appears to be a blank; " is not a valid email address". I've gone to the end and Deleted, gone to the beginning and Backspaced. There are no gaps. What gives?

Andrew Elder

Christina H was helping me on another thread, but since time is of the essence I decided to bypass the issue. I loaded everyone up using the ao-online.csv Import, then sent an Invite to the course and manually typed in login instructions for the account which flowed right into the course instructions. Not perfect, but it got the job done. 

Erika Ospina Awad

When you use the Bulk User feature why isn't an automatic email sent to the users? Especially when the option is selected. This is very frustrating and after emailing the Support Team they haven't been able to provide a solution that isn't time consuming. My understanding is the Bulk User feature is meant to streamline this portion of the process not add more work.

Does anyone have suggestions?  

Rick Nusz

I agree with others that the bulk upload with no email is confusing and frustrating. I missed my deadline because I thought it worked. Not the end of the world for me but it did make me feel foolish. 

There should at least be something that says ''ve only added these users and no emails were sent,' or something.

Rick Nusz

Don't get me wrong. So far AO has done what I've asked of it for the most part. I'm running live at the moment and users are using it!

I just think it's a simple text edit on the import box that pops up. We rebuild live web applications here on a daily basis and most of the time it's just a simple text edit. To me that's not a feature request. It's just good sense to make things clear to end users.

After my deadlines have passed and things slow down I do plan on making some actual feature requests.