Articulate Online content not playing


I seem to be having trouble with content on Articulate Online. I am getting the loading icon and then the player loads and thats it. No content is displayed at all.

I have tried clearing the cache and browsing history reloading the page and re publishing the Storyline2 content . Sometimes the content loads, then next time no content at all.

This is happening in Chrome, Firefox IE10 and IE8 on Win XP Win7 and OSX

Flash version is 16,0,0,235




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Pat Haney

None of that helps. Like with John, it's every browser. It does work on iPad with the mobile client.

Normally , I'd spend the morning screwing with it, but we are getting complaints. So whatever it is, it's not browser based. I have other courses published with Storyline 2, update 4 that are working fine. I submitted a trouble ticket.

Rachel Drysdale

John and Pat,

Did you get a resolution to your issues? I've been working with support and getting assistance with this type of issue as well for about 2 weeks now, but I'm also still receiving complaints from users and am trying to figure out the issues.

John, What is Chromeless player? Maybe that's something I should look into? Did it help?


Rachel Drysdale

Thanks Ashley, I looked through the chromeless player details; I don't think that's my problem, but did it help others who weren't able to get their content to load and run consistently?

I let support know I'm still experiencing the issues. Just thought I would check the message boards for possible solutions while I'm waiting for a response, since I have participants trying to get through a course who are unable to do so.

Thanks again!